In Animals in Literature, Ancient and Modern, we will explore the roles that animals and animal symbolism play in literature across time and across culture, reaching back into classic folk traditions and extending into the modern literary imagination.* You will read and respond to a range of enduring literary texts from a range of literary genres, such as fables, fairy tales, poetry, fiction, and graphic novels. Through the process of exploring the place of animals in literature, you will also explore and present your own unique ideas and creativity through written expressions, interpretive performances, and formal presentations. For the major written assignments, we will follow the steps of the writing process—prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing. Throughout the semester, we will also sharpen your command of grammar, usage, and mechanics and expand your literary and everyday vocabulary.

* To establish some continuity between the work you did last semester and what we have planned for this semester, I will look for ways, as often as possible, to foster connections to the readings, themes, and concepts you have already studied. Please do not hesitate to call attention to any connections yourselves during our classes or in your work for this semester.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your recent posts

Great posts, Miles, Mitchell, and Baxter.
Here's an interview with Art Spiegelman from The Comics Journal. In it he says some interesting things about his use of animals to represent people. I would like everyone to read this interview for Thursday's class. Here's the link:

And...little did I know before, but Art Spiegelman is also the creator of the Garbage Pail Kids, wickedly fun collector's cards from back when I was a little younger than you guys. This one's called "Greaser Greg." "Google" the GPKs and maybe post your favorites!

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