In Animals in Literature, Ancient and Modern, we will explore the roles that animals and animal symbolism play in literature across time and across culture, reaching back into classic folk traditions and extending into the modern literary imagination.* You will read and respond to a range of enduring literary texts from a range of literary genres, such as fables, fairy tales, poetry, fiction, and graphic novels. Through the process of exploring the place of animals in literature, you will also explore and present your own unique ideas and creativity through written expressions, interpretive performances, and formal presentations. For the major written assignments, we will follow the steps of the writing process—prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing. Throughout the semester, we will also sharpen your command of grammar, usage, and mechanics and expand your literary and everyday vocabulary.

* To establish some continuity between the work you did last semester and what we have planned for this semester, I will look for ways, as often as possible, to foster connections to the readings, themes, and concepts you have already studied. Please do not hesitate to call attention to any connections yourselves during our classes or in your work for this semester.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exquisite (Sonnet) Corpses

Here are LA2's exquisite corpses in the style of a Shakespearean Sonnet:

Corpse #1:
I went on a bike ride past the great frog.
Oh my god, look y'all! A little brown bat.
I am going to hit you with a big log.
I would love to eat many large cooked bats.

Here comes Dave with the mood of a sad slave.
I can't believe this is the accepted norm.
I once met a guy named Maggle Mamave.
My god! I really hate this uniform.

I like to hit people with a big club.
I spilled. Good thing I have some pam on hand.
The sub was on the screen with the dumb sub.
I am totally all the way a man.

It's so cold. I wish it was sunny May.
And so he slept throughout the whole, big day.

Corpse #2:
I am a large troll; I live in a bog.
Here comes a cat in a flimsy white cap.
My eyes cannot see through all of the fog.
I hit my friend with a baseball bat.

He lived in a very small and dark cave.
Hi there, kids. Did you know my name is Norm?
I have a slave who lives in a large cave.
The  dorm was scared because of the big storm.

I want to go take a small, quick tub.
I drove a nice car. It was a minivan.
Look here, Mommy, I'm swimming in the tub.
He will hit you with the black cooking pan.

We ran outside so we could run and play.
Since the month is may we should make way.

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